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Namaskāram and welcome to South High, Kitchen and Bar – Gastro Darshini by day, Café Bar by night. Discover a completely different avatar of South High on your plate, between lunch and dinner. Grab a deeply satisfying meal in the afternoon served up traditional style on a banana leaf with a side of mouth-watering non-veg dishes. At tea time pop in for fun and fantastic tiffin, reinvented for the modern palette. And as the sun sets, come in for a transformed bar experience where familiar favourites are given the South High makeover. Think ‘modern iddiyapams meet Sex on the Beach’ Drawing inspiration from many wonderful cuisines of Dakshin culture, South High offers authentic South Indian cuisine that brings together the best of comfort and nostalgia with the pop of reinvention and a dash of high spirits. Get ready for a dining out experience that offers a whole new way of experiencing the familiar. Cutlery is of course, optional.

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